People of all ages have smartphones for performing their routine tasks and staying in touch with their loved ones. Just like adults, kids are also eager to have their own smartphones for contacting their friends, playing games on them, watching cartoons or movies, and much more. 

The increasing demand has created a major concern for parents about which phone is better for kids either iPhone or Android. It is necessary to solve this puzzle and find the best phone to give kids. The best phone is the one that offers maximum parental control and comprises beneficial features. 

The parental control features provide confidence to parents that their kids are using cell phones safely. As a distraction from the right path on smartphones is much easier, thus the selection of smartphones with the best parental controls has become a necessary point to consider for parents. 

Significant Factors to Consider Prior Purchasing Smartphones

There exist enormous significant features of phones that are mandatory to consider. Looking at these features in the iPhone or Android will help you to make a rational final decision. Get the latest news about the technology and its operations from websites like TechyWired. Some of the most important factors to consider for buying a smartphone suitable for kids is

Cost: One of the highlighting and highly important factors in deciding which phone is better for kids is related to cost. The iPhone is one of the most expensive phones which many parents cannot afford at all. Hence, the best way is to purchase a smartphone while confining in the budget. 

Bypassing Filters: Look for the smartphone which provides the feature of bypassing filters quite easily.

Location Tracking: The phone must have a feature of location tracking. It will help the parents in having a glance at where their children are. Hence, it is a must feature to consider while purchasing a smartphone for kids.

Sharing: A good phone is one that allows the Sharing of music, books, apps, movies, and other such purchases with the kid. 

Reporting: Right usage of phones matters a lot. Hence, choose a phone which offers the best reporting about the kid's usage of the phone. Usage report is a plus point for the smartphone and carries maximum points and weightage while selecting the right phone for the kids. It is even more valuable if the phone reveals what apps are being used by the kid when he is online.

Website Filtering: Access to harmful and bad websites should be avoided. Hence, choose a phone that offers the feature of website filtering.

Limit app access: The apps with dirty or mature content must be limited by the parents. Hence, they must explore the phone that allows them to limit app access. Mostly, mature content such as pornography misleads kids and spoils them the most. And the reason for this disaster is none other than smartphones. 

Ease of setup: Easy setup facilitates the parents to configure the account settings of their kids. 

iPhone or Android – Feature by Feature Comparison 

Comparing these features in iPhone or Android will direct the parents to grab the best smartphone for their kids. Let us explore which phone suits the best in this regard. 

Android is much cheaper and perfectly suited to one's pocket, on the other hand, the iPhone is overpriced making it not accessible for many people. The iPhone is valuable in providing the feature of bypassing filters via reset network settings iPhone. However, android is not capable of doing so.

Nothing can be better than an iPhone tracking location so swiftly and conveniently. However, android is unable to provide this feature of location tracking prominently. In terms of sharing content, both iPhone or Android works the same. Both offer this splendid feature.

Website filtering can be performed on iPhone while android does not feature this facility. Get the perfect limit app access in iPhone while android does not provide this feature. It is easy to set up an Android phone while it is even more simple and more convenient to set up an iPhone. Both iPhone and Android are deprived of reporting features. 

In light of all the above features of iPhone or Android, you can select the phone that fulfills all your needs and lets you have the best parental control and valuable experience with kids.

Best Parental Control Features on iOS Devices

  • Disable Passcode Changes

iOS offers an amazing parental control feature of disabling passcode changes that Android phones are not able to do. So, it will help the parents prevent the passcode change without their permission. 

  • Removal of App Store

The parents can have a wonderful facility of completely removing the app store on the kid’s phone. It assists in preventing random app installation without the parent's knowledge and permission. But it has a little side effect that the already installed apps on the iPhone cannot be upgraded. 

  • Communication Limitation 

iOS provides a feature of limiting communication. With the aid of this feature, parents can set up commutation limitations for only one or a few people. It also helps prevent spam messages and calls making the kid’s cell phone safer to use. 

Best Parental Control Features on Android Operating System 

  • Lock at Will

There is a setting on an android cell phone in which the parents can set up locking it during bedtime. In addition, you can also lock the device at any time with a single click. The Lock Now button instantly blocks the whole device with a “time’s up” screen making it unusable for the kid.

  • Taking Back On Approval of Apps

The apps on the Android cell phones which have the approval of installation can be taken back as well. The android operating system allows this, but iOS does not feature this facility for the users where the approval is permanent. The choice of “unapproved” in Google Family Link lets the kid not install the app ever again. 

  • Google Product Integration 

With the help of Google Family Link, parents are permitted to implement the parental controls and filters for YouTube channels and chrome. As there are the products of Google so the feature is applicable to these. Both of these Google products are commonly used by kids so there should be proper checks on these. 

Lacking Parental Control Features on iOS Devices

  • Third Party Limitations

iOS devices lack in the point that it limits the third party parental; control apps. The third-party apps often come with the backup of data for monitoring. 

  • No Android App for Parental Control on iOS

If the parents have Android phones, then it is problematic for them that kids have iPhones. So, the parents would not have any app to control the kid’s cell phone making it a big disadvantage of iOS for kids. 

Lacking Parental Control Features on Android Operating System 

  • Need Installation for Google Family Link

Utilizing the Google Family Link requires installation on the kid’s and parents’ cell phones. Screen time is a built-in feature of iOS but Google Family Link is not. So some people do not like to install the additional apps making their use restrictive. 

  • Sideload Capability 

Android phones have sideload capability as the android operating system is more open. So android phone users can install the apps outside of the app store. 

Below is the head-to-head comparison of iPhone or Android to have a quick overview of the parental control services:




Block third party applications

Not able 

Capable of doing 

Age restrictions setting 

Capable of doing

Not able

Viewing cell phone activity 

Capable of doing

Not able

App store restriction 

Capable of doing

Capable of doing

Inappropriate content blocking 

Capable of doing

Not able

App access restriction 

Capable of doing

Capable of doing

Bypassing filters 

Capable of doing

Not able

Tracking location 

Capable of doing

Not able

Website filtration 

Capable of doing

Not able

Wrapping Up

The parental control features of the kid’s smartphones provide the safety and confidence to the parents about the usage. Thus, iOS and Android operating system-operated devices, both, provide some parental control features. But which is better to use for the kids either iPhone or Android? This query has made much buzz in the town. 

The elaborated features for both operating systems are explained above providing iOS more protection than android. The major problem with iOS device purchases is the high cost. The android features are also good to have for the kids so the choice is entirely yours.